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Freebie! Harley's Beanie Baby Tag

So a few years ago I made a beanie baby tag for my dog Harley to wear for Halloween and I decided to put his picture on pinterest (because he is just adorable!) and I swear this gets re-pined almost every day, especially this time of year… So I decided to actually make the pin go somewhere, because I hate when I come across a link-less pin.


I have sized this to print on a basic letter sized piece of paper, 8.5x11 inches. I would suggest doing cardstock just so it is a bit more sturdy. All you have to do is print, cut, and fold. I attached it to Harley’s collar with a ribbon (be careful they don’t chew it off when you are not looking!)

Now, because I am a huge dork I also wrote a poem for Harley to go on the inside, however I don’t know how to set up a template that would be customizable for everyone out there, so I would just handwrite it on the inside if you want to include that. You are welcome to duplicate mine, or just pull inspiration from it, as I probably pulled inspiration from the original husky beanie baby tag anyways.

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They are a great source for produce reviews, grooming tips and other articles!

Enjoy! And if you use, shoot me an email and I will include it on my blog :)

I got my first submission this Halloween! So happy people are able to use :)

"Hi! Thanks for the super cute idea and free Ty tag! Our Murphie Girl is ready for Halloween!" - Shanna

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