Petite Places Collection

My gallery, Art Gallery of Viera, has an "Around the World" show coming up in August, so to prepare I thought I would do something a bit different and paint a few landmarks from, you guessed it, around the world... I got a bit carried away and did 5, I would have even done more if I hadn't run out of canvas! These are 5x7 mini's done in acrylic paint and will be selling for $40, and I will also be making cards. Above is the Northern Lights, and shown below is the Eiffel Tower, Sydney Theater, The Great Pyramids and Stonehenge. I did a little bit of research and made like info write-ups to go with each one. I might have also gone pokemon hunting while painting... Don't judge me! I mean, how c

Can I order a Portrait?

Yes of course! But how? Every portrait I do was first a photograph... Now, any photograph will work but the sharper my reference photo, the better the portrait will turn out. I prefer to receive a digital image, this way I am not responsible for the only print you have, but am willing to make exceptions. Some examples... This is Bumpkin the Cat and Bug the Horse, their reference images are on the left and the finished portrait is on the right. Family portraits can also be created from multiple photographs... reference images on the left and a finished portrait on the right (cell phone photo of the art, sorry about that) Then of course there are the more difficult ones where the reference ima

Draw Everything June

Well, I failed, my goal was to meet the deadline of ‪#‎draweverythingjune‬ and it just didn't happen... this was a pose reference challenge hosted by ‪senshistock‬ on deviantart Well, regardless, I thought I would still share some of the poses I did manage to finish, perhaps you will see them more complete in future work! I am still working on that coloring book... my goal is ready for Christmas! #draweverythingjune #senshistock #deviantart #challenge #sketch #posereference #practice

La Calavera Catrina in Color Pencil

Currently for sale at Art Gallery of Viera - $200 Based on the idea of “La Calavera Catrina”, a 1910–1913 zinc etching by famous Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada. “La Catrina has become the referential image of Death in Mexico, it is common to see her embodied as part of the celebrations of Day of the Dead throughout the country; she has become a motive for the creation of handcrafts made from clay or other materials, her representations may vary…” – J.G. Posada Done in Done in Prismacolor Premier colored pencil on 11x14 Strathmore Bristol Board #coloredpencil #dayofthedead

Beso De Amor Street Art and Time Lapse

Saturday night was Art Gallery of Viera's opening reception for their Exposure show... but on top of that, Maria Laughlin is also the featured artist of the month. To celebrate, she asked me to recreate one of her pieces, Beso De Amor, on the sidewalk. It took about an hour and a half to complete. I did manage to capture a time lapse of the first hald before my phone died... Some more images, photo credit to Jerry Hanzl #chalkart #streetart #chalk #timelapse

Bob Ross Day!

Happy Bob Ross Day! Spent the morning hanging out with Cass and friends as we all painted a Bob Ross piece. Since it was a livestream event I started off painting in photoshop with everyone else but my laptop wasn't having it so I switched to an impromptu acrylic set up and did Google hangouts on my phone so I could be part of the livestream... the things we do. Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to live stream soon and then I can do some work on my Picarto #painting #acrylic #bobross #livestream #video

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